What is ZebraZ?
ZebraZ is an open source (GPL license) project I initiated. The basic goal is to build a database system in PHP/MySQL to manage the DC Road Runners membership database. Longer term, we will expand the scope to include other club function such as race registration/results, training logs, news, etc.

We are open to other ideas beyond the needs of a running club. If you are interested in contributing but are not a running club, we still want your help! ZebraZ is being designed in a modular manner to accomodate many different features/ideas.

How do I pronounce "ZebraZ"?
You can say it any way you like but I say "Zebra Zee".

Where can I download ZebraZ from?
You can download it here. You can also download it from the publications page and, we have a project page on SourceForge.

What are the project goals?
We have already met the initial project goals. These were to duplicate and/or improve upon the membership database system the DCRRC was using. Given that this system was a flat-file database in MS Access, this was not very hard to do. :-)

The next set of goals, for the next 6-12 months, are:

  • Clean up and improve the current code base - we will strive to make all code comply with the PEAR specification
  • Continue to develop the reporting features of the system
  • Improve the GUI to both make it easier to use/understand and also improve the efficiency of it
  • Add in a user authentication/access system for better and more fine-grained security than what is currently in place on the live system
  • Add in a system to allow members to modify their own information and renew themselves
  • Write Administration and User guides; develop support system.
  • Bug fixes as we find them
  • How can I help/contribute to ZebraZ?
    We're always looking for help! Specifically, we need coders, beta testers and documentation writers. Contact us if you're interested.

    Can I try it out?
    Sure you can - right here!

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