If you download any of these files, I would appreciate a quick message from you telling me how you found me, what files you download, why and any feedback you might have.

Connecting to a remote MySQL database (a tutorial) - (HTML, last updated NOV03) This is a tutorial I have written to help others connect to a remote MySQL database.
ZebraZ Membership System - (Zipped up file, last updated 19JAN05) This is the same file as available on Sourceforge for ZebraZ, my open source (GPL) club membership system. To learn more, see here and here.

Red Hat And The Five Forces Model: an analysis - (32K pdf file, last updated JAN02) Paper for my OB class.

Red Hat Within The 7-S Model: an analysis - (31K pdf file, last updated MAR02) Another paper for my OB class.

Big Blue Gets A Red Hat: an analysis of the alliance between IBM and Red Hat - (65K pdf file, last updated MAR02) Yet another paper for my OB class. Are you beginning to see a trend here?

Red Hat Customer Version Marketing Study: an interview - (38K pdf file, last updated FEB02) Paper for my marketing class.

Red Hat Consumer Version: A Test Marketing Plan - (775k pdf file, last updated MAR02) Proof that a lot can be done under time pressure, this is a marketing plan I wrote (with a little help from my friend, Google) in about 24 hours (spread over 4 days) for a hypothetical consumer-market test study for Red Hat. But, we all know that this won't happen until Linux develops a little more and MS stops playing dirty.

Moving Towards A Healthy Office Suite Market - (27K pdf file, last updated Jan03) In this paper I explore the current state of the office suite market, how it is an unhealthy market and make suggestions to correct this. Translated: MS has a monopoly, what needs to be done to break this monopoly?
Zen and the Art of Resource Procurement - (324K pdf file, last updated 12May02) Fundraising book I wrote while a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Finance Midterm Formula Sheet - (23K pdf file, last updated 17Mar02) "Cheat" sheet for Finance (MGT205) midterm (Winter 2002).

Finance Final Formula Sheet - (24K pdf file, last updated 18Mar02) "Cheat" sheet for Finance (MGT205) final (Winter 2002). This is as good as it's gonna get guys.....

Stat Formula Sheet - (48K pdf file, last updated 20Feb02) "Cheat" sheet for Stat (MGT203) midterm #2 (Winter 2002).

Davis Apartment List - (38K xls file, last updated Sep01) Looking for an apartment in Davis, CA? Well, here I have compiled a spreadsheet of most apartment complexes and real estate agents in Davis. Included is whatever info I could find about each one. Contact me if you have information you'd like to contribute.

Rain Barrel Manual - (341K pdf file, last updated Mar08) I set out to create a comprehensive document explaining the theory, design and how to build a rain barrel system but after developing the outline for this, I found two documents which did it way better than I ever could. So, I scaled back the project to focus more on the design and building of my system but I also include a bit of the theory, calculations and considerations.

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