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TMy two favorites here are Saturday Night Special (an old family recipe which is good any night of the week) and the first Meat Loaf recipe on page 14.07. Also very good is the London Broil.

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14.01 Barbecued Spareribs, Pork and Sauerkraut with Tomatoes, BBQ Pork Chops
14.02 Pork Chops 'N Stuffing, Pork Chops and Potato Scallop, Sausage and Peppers
14.03 Hamburger Steak in Mushroom Gravy, Short Ribs of Beef, Spicy Short Ribs
14.04 Beef Stroganoff Bake, Beef Stroganoff, Easy Beef Stroganoff
14.05 Souper Stroganoff, Stuffed Green Peppers, Stuffed Peppers
14.06 Macaroni Sauté, Stuffed Cabbage in Tomato Sauce, Cabbage Beef Rolls
14.07 Meat Loaf, Ann Lander's Meat Loaf, Basic Meat Loaf
14.08 Meat Loaf, Saturday Night Special, Teriyaki Steak
14.09 Joe's Special, Salisbury Steak
14.10 Green Pepper Steak, Pepper Steak, Swiss Steak, Swiss Steak with Vegetables
14.11 Beef Burgundy, Oven Swiss Steak, London Broil
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