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My whole family hated the cheese strata but my mother insisted on making it every xmas morning. When we made some comments about it one xmas, she got really mad and angrily swore she'd never make it again. We were very relieved to never have to eat it again.

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10.01 Incredible Lawry's Skillet Supper, Quiche, Quiche Lorraine, Cheese Strata
10.02 Cheese Strata, Broccoli And Ham Strata, Italian Sausage Strata
10.03 Brunch Eggs, Soda Crackers Baked Omelet, Impossible Bacon Quiche
10.04 Impossible Ham 'N Swiss Pie, Impossible Chicken 'N Broccoli Pie, Impossible Lasagna Pie
10.05 Sausage And Egg Bake, Spinach Quiche
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