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There's a bunch of good recipes here! In particular, I'd recommend you try the apple crisp (top recipe), lemon bars, cinnamon rolls and if you have the time and inclination, the cannoli and eclairs.

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8.01 Commisary's Dessert Crepe Batter, Cannoli Filling For Crepes, Coeur A La Creme Crepe Filling
8.02 Apple Crisp, Apple Cobbler
8.03 Deluxe English Trifle, Peach Melba, Rice Pudding
8.04 CreamPuffs and Eclairs, Vanilla Custard Filling
8.05 Individual Cherry Cheese Cakes, Cheesecake
8.06 Cheese Cake, Banana Split Cake
8.07 English Trifle
8.08 Eclairs, Creamy Dutch Apple Dessert
8.09 "Philly" 15 Minute Cheesecake, Sin
8.10 Creamy Rice Pudding, Bread Pudding
8.11 Strawberries And Cream Flan, Pastry Cream Filling
8.12 Tandycakes, Lemon Bars
8.13 Cannoli
8.14 Cinnamon Rolls
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