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Prior to reading this tutorial, I highly recommend reading John McCreesh's tutorial and Joe Barr's LinuxWorld articles. These will give you a good idea of what is involved. Connecting to a remote database is not that much different than a local database.

This tutorial is not intended to explain how to download or install or the MySQL ODBC driver. I assume you have the skills to do this and that you are already familiar with and have a remote MySQL database to which you want to connect. I also do not try to explain how to use and administer your database from once they are connected - see the References & Links page for some places to go for that. I can say, having played around with it a bit, that it seems to still need some work but is very usable already!

I do most of my work on a Windows-based machine so this tutorial is aimed at that platform. If you would like to contribute to this tutorial in any way (corrections, further explanation, comments, criticism, etc.) please let me know!

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