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PDFs: When researching this project a few years back I came across a bunch of PDFs which, sadly, I did not note where some of them came from. Others, I do know where they came from but I want to be sure I don't lose them so I am mirroring them here. If you notice any broken links, please let me know.

The Texas Manual On Rainwater Harvesting      Link      Cached
This is one of the best manuals out there and is what I was planning on writing with my own manual but... when why rewrite what is already written?

Guidelines on Rainwater Catchment Systems for Hawaii      Link      Cached
TI just recently refound this manual. It is about as good as the Texas Manual On Rainwater Harvesting and provides a uniquely Hawaiian perspective - i.e. who knew you should take into consideration where the local volcano is when siting your rainwater system?

Water Saving In The Garden      Cached
A two page flyer from King County, WA on collecting/using rainwater in the garden or a pond. Includes a good diagram on page two.

Covington Rain Barrels      Cached
A two page instruction sheet detailing how to build a simple rainbarrel.

How To Build And Install A Rain Barrel      Cached
Another two page sheet showing how to build a simple rain barrel system. Includes color photos and some resources if you live in the DC region.

How Can I Make A Rain Barrel?      Cached
A very basic and simple one page instruction sheet for building your own rain barrel. I can not remember why I saved this...

Student BaySavers Projects: Build Your Own Rain Barrel      Cached
A very well designed and laid out eight page instruction manual for building a simple system featuring the creative use of a kitchen collander.

Rain Barrels      Cached
Another two page flyer detailing how to build a simple rainbarrel. Includes color photos and has some good ideas.

Cisterns - Planning & Design      Cached
This two page flyer provides a better overview of system considerations than most. The most valuable part of this for me was the discussion on rainfall vs. amount of water you can expect.


Links: Here's a few websites I found very valuable in planning/designing my system. Again, if you find dead links, please let me know.   -    Lots of products related to rainwater collection.   -    Older page which talks about cisterns but has good info/ideas for a FFD and an in-tank float among other things.   -    Good source of information and where to buy unique or hard to find rainbarrel parts.   -    Don't let the lack of formatting or organization deter you. There's some good information and, more importantly, good links on this page.   -    Source of pre-built systems, information and ideas.   -    Information on Krylon paints if you want to paint your plastic barrels.   -    Great resource for fittings, ideas and more.   -    Check out his links/resources section - a gold mine of information.


Local Materials Suppliers: When designing/building my rainbarrels I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for very specific parts. Some of these places are obvious but others may not be. I hope they are of help to you...

McCutcheon's      Website
Located in Frederick, MD but well worth the trip. I got my barrels there and you can too. Call ahead to be sure they have them and the right ones - you want the removable lids. While there you might want to stock up on the various jams, jellies and other good stuff they sell.

Fischers Hardware      Website
I love Fischers and you will also once you discover how wonderful they are. They are the BEST hardware store in the greater Washington, DC region if not the world.

Ferguson      Website
I have a love-hate relationship with Ferguson, a large plumbing supply house. They usually have what I want at a good price but the service is hit-or-miss.

Restore      Website
You never know what you’ll find at Restore. Make this the first stop on your rainbarrel shopping trip as you might find a lot of what you need very cheap.

Local Pet Stores
I searched high and low and scoured the internet to find a 3” diameter plastic ball. I finally found what I needed at a pet store.

Pepsi Bottling Company
2611 Pepsi Pl., Hyattsville, MD
The general number: (301) 322-7000 but your best bet is to contact Howard (301 322 7014). Barrels are $5 each. They tell me that there are two small holes in the top of each one (~3/4") and they only have one kind of barrel available. Barrels are available M-F until 3pm; be sure to call Howard before going so he knows you're coming.

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.
21650 Union Ave, Baltimore, MD
Contact Charlie Dickerson at (410) 366-3500 x7785. They have the same deal as the Hyattsville facility - $5/barrel.

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